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Get quality catering from Manitoba’s own Nick’s on Broadway, proudly featuring house made pastrami and roast chicken, and fresh Manitoba products.

Per Person Catering

(minimum 8 people)

♦ Pickup or Downtown area delivery is free of charge.
♦ Orders outside of downtown $5 delivery charge.
♦ Please allow 24 hours’ notice. 10% gratuity charge.
♦ Minimum 8 people.
♦ Pickup orders, call 204-615-2872

Sandwiches ♦ $8.50 Per Person

Pastrami + Swiss

Beef + Cheddar

Ham + Swiss

Chicken Salad


Salads ♦ $5.50 Per Person

Creamy Caesar

House Salad $4.25

Beet Salad

Soups and Platters

Soup ♦ $4.75 Per Person

Vegetable Platter ♦ $4 Per Person

Fruit Platter ♦ $5 Per Person

Cheese Platter ♦ $5 Per Person

¼ Pickle ♦ $.75 Per Person


* Sandwich platters serve 10-15 people

Sandwich Platter ♦ $82.25

Includes a variety of scratch-made sandwiches and wraps with fresh premium ingredients. Specific sandwiches upon request. Sandwiches may include:

House-Made Pastrami and Smak Dab Mustard

Egg Salad

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Black Forest Ham and Swiss

BBQ Chicken Salad Wrap

Veggie Wrap with Brown Rice and Black Bean


* Platters below serve 14-20 people

Vegetable Platter ♦ $48.00

Variety of fresh vegetables including carrot, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, tomato, and cucumber. Served with house-made ranch and Caesar dressing.

Fruit Platter ♦ $60.00

Variety of fresh fruits including watermelon, honeydew, strawberry, kiwi, blackberry, cantaloupe, and raspberry. Served with vanilla yogurt.

Domestic Cheese Platter ♦ $62.50

Variety of domestic cheeses including Cheddar, Swiss, Boursin, and Monteray Jack. Served with crackers and cherry tomatoes.

Premium Cheese Platter ♦ $72.00

Variety of premium cheeses including Camembert, Goat Cheese, Boursin, Aged Cheddar, Havarti, and Baby Fruliano. Served with crackers and cherry tomatoes.

Cheese and Pickle Platter ♦ $62.50

Domestic cheeses with a variety of pickles including olives, kosher dill, and sweet mixed. Served with crackers and cherry tomatoes.


* Salads serve 10-15 people

House Salad ♦ $40.00

Mixed greens, sliced apples, feta, toasted seeds, and house-made apple vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad ♦ $52.50

Romaine, croutons, bacon, fresh grated parm, and house-made Caesar dressing.

Beet Salad ♦ $52.50

Mixed Greens, roasted beets, goat cheese, crème fraiche, toasted seeds, and apple vinaigrette.

Classic Potato Salad ♦ $45.00

Soft potatoes with pickle, boiled egg, celery, onion, and mayo. Simple but done to perfection.

* Gluten-free and other dietary restrictive options available. We make sure everyone can enjoy their gourmet experience.

Please give 48 hours’ notice before expected date of catering.
Prices and Ingredients can change seasonally.

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